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How to ALIGN with POWERFUL Energy

POSTED BY Preston Smiles ON February 18, 2016

The amount of energy we can feel at any given time has a lot to do with the alignment between ourselves, our environment and on what the predominant story we are attached to.

When were at the top of our game and feeling super strong we emanate large amounts of energy. When this energy is directed toward a goal or particular outcome, “things happen” (Law of Cause and Effect). Most people are tapping into this energy unconsciously and creating unpleasant experiences for themselves.

I used to be a huge basketball fan and one of my favorite parts of the game, came when someone would make a couple baskets, and the crowd would begin to scream and celebrate for them. The energy whether watching it on TV, or being in the building is almost palpable. The players, coaches, and fans are all directing their energy towards their team scoring. And because of the immediate gratification in seeing the ball go to through the basket, the crowd and the players are all feeding off of and aligning themselves with this energy which can never be created nor destroyed. It just is.

We can do this is our own lives, by simply celebrating everything. Celebrate when you screw, because you have another opportunity to do something different, celebrate when you wake up because so many people didn’t and you get the gift of life, celebrate when you say you’ll do something and you keep your word.

What we appreciate APPRECIATES, and what we focus on expands. There is only one power in the universe and when you align with it, you create momentum that can used expand and lift your consciousness, therefore expanding and lifting the consciousness of the planet.
I am we are #LovesVoice