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POSTED BY Preston Smiles ON February 10, 2016

So recently I’ve noticed in myself and in many others the need to be and do everything for everyone at all times. Ha! That is a recipe for disaster, a recipe for feeling overwhelmed, a recipe for a life full of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Instead I suggest slowing the heaven down, taking a deep breath and reminding ourselves that we can only take the step we are taking. Reminding us that the most important thing in the world is how you feel, and that if we are stuck in “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve”, that is a direct indicator that we’re not living in the NOW. That no matter how you slice it, all the things “you have to get done” will get done when they get done.

Be with whoever you are with, like truly be there. And know that if you’re tired and 26 people want you to be in 44 places, you not only get to but it’s your duty to listen to your body and stop. So what if they’re disappointed. They’ll be a million other parties, concerts, meetings, movies, and whatever else you’re being called to. Honor you, be present and know that it is all perfect. Supremely perfect. #SelfTime #slowDown #Lovesvoice