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Nobody has a monopoly on anything.. please stop pushing your stuff on us

POSTED BY Preston Smiles ON February 8, 2016

Ok here goes everything…No matter how amazing the “way” someone has found that works for them, it doesn’t mean it is the ONLY way.

The God I know never divides itself therefore omnipresent means just that, present everywhere at the same time. No one group has a monopoly on transformation, spiritual teachings, or anything else. There are many ways to come to a knowing of ones true SELF. And of who and what we are. (LOVE)

No matter how you slice it none of us are getting out of this thing called life alive. We all must transition out of these skin suits, and how you choose to take that journey up until that day is up to you…just please do your best not to discount someone else’s beliefs. #LovesVoice

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