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Relationship ish

POSTED BY Preston Smiles ON February 10, 2016

Ladies, fellas, this is a public service announcement. Please stop putting your hopes and dreams into one person. Nobody can handle that kind of pressure and it is not their duty.

I would go so far as to say, don’t get into a relationship until you can be at least 60% sure you’re not going to be dependent on them.

This is a friendly reminder, that the love that you are is more than enough to fill up ten galaxies. That the love that you possess is bigger than any need based relationship where someone has to be the dealer and the other the addict.

Make your partner extra, make them icing on the cake instead of the whole cake. That type of perspective is not only powerful but very attractive. I get that you meet someone and you can’t get enough. I have been there and am still there with my partner in shine. But we must treat our relationships like fine wine and give it room to breathe.

There is nothing more powerful than a committed, responsible and aware relationship.

We came into this world alone and we shall leave it the same way.