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We’re all pregnant!

POSTED BY Preston Smiles ON February 10, 2016

We’re all pregnant! Plant the proper seed. (BEING FERTILE)
An apple that grows in California may taste different than a apple that grows in Florida. The SOIL is the key. The condition of the soil determines the performance of the seed. What you seek is seeking you. The seed, TRUTH wants you to be fertile ground, wants you be a space where it can express itself through you.

Certain soils allow the seed to express and blossom more fully than others. Remembering that none of us are blank slates. We all bring our conditioning, training and history to the table.

Therefore our senses cannot be trusted. We don’t taste, see, and hear what is there….we taste, see and hear what is there plus what we are. Different minds respond to truth differently.

The tree is not just a tree. It’s where my ancestors hung from if they looked at a white woman to long, a tree is not just a tree it’s where I had my first kiss, the tree is not just a tree it’s our air. The botanist, lumberjack, and gardener all bring what is PLUS who they are, when they view the tree.

To become fertile ground, a place for creativity, I have found that prayer and mediation are a huge help. This week I challenge you to go within for minimum of 7 minutes, and remember it’s not what you pray FOR, it’s what you pray FROM. Stand in you the knowingness that LOVE is all there is and be thankful for what you do have and you will create an energy field that fosters growth and abundance.