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You teach us

POSTED BY Preston Smiles ON February 18, 2016

No one is ready for a “thing” until they believe they can actually have it. Wishing won’t help if you don’t believe you deserve it. The universe is always responding to your inner most thoughts about yourself no matter what your mouth says. In other words, if your inner most thoughts are “I want to be happy and successful” then the universe is going to remove anything and everything that doesn’t align with “happy and successful”. And on the other end, if you’re constantly saying to yourself “I’m worthless, I’m a screw up”, then the universe is going to deliver you a corresponding experience.

Whatever you intensely believe becomes your reality. And we have a tendency to block out any information coming in to us that is inconsistent with our reality. The key is to remember that you teach us how to treat you, by how you treat you.