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I work from the belief that we create our reality with the thoughts we choose to give power to, the language we use, and the actions we take on a daily basis. If you get this and want to uncover and discover your unconscious beliefs, and activate your hidden potential, then I may be the coach for you.

Personal freedom is having the capacity to give and receive love at the highest heights possible according to your soul’s signature. My program is about mind, body and spiritual evolution. I teach you how to work with negative emotions instead of collapsing into them, liberate yourself from the downward spiral and how to build on what’s already innately in you.

My style is unorthodox, grounded, and steeped in my over 10 years of studying the human condition in myself, family, and clients. What makes my coaching unique is I am not married to any one style of coaching. I don’t believe in a one size fits all coaching program. I listen with a full heart, ask questions, and challenge you to step into the greatest version of you.

Our time together will include Skype calls, weekly assignments, powerful distinctions, practical tools, and so much more. We will literally build a powerful platform for you…together. It’s super intimate, one-on-one, coaching so I have to believe you’re committed, because we go deep and become, in essence, spiritual workout partners.

If you’re ready to take a leap of faith and take my hand to show you your way to freedom,



1 one hour Skype sessions a month with assignments, accountability and weekly emails.



2 one hour Skype sessions a month with assignments, accountability and weekly emails.

if you want something you’ve never had, you gotta do something you’ve never done. 


We become best friends for 3 months. 3 one hour Skype or in person sessions a month with assignments, accountability, weekly emails and text message support. This is NOT CHEAP and will be INTENSE but you’ll 10000% shift in a major way. 

Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.. 


clients_rachael“Working with Preston changed everything about the way I show up in my life. He gave me accountability that helped me line up with everything I want – deeper relationships, work more in alignment to my heart (and more money!) and the trust in myself that I could continue successfully on my path even after our sessions ended. I still ask myself “What would Preston say?” and feel so ALIVE! Best. Decision. Ever.!”Rachael Lynn, Online Business + Idea Strategist

clients_miranda“I truly believe that when you make the decision to take your consciousness to the next level, life unfolds in the most miraculous of ways. For me, making that decision meant hiring a coach to keep me accountable and on track with my “ next-level” commitment. It meant having a high minded, knowledgeable individual showing me exactly how I am standing in my own way and how to create a new, more effective path. Preston has been that individual and my life is all the better because of it. I would recommend a session with Preston to anyone and everyone.” Miranda Mayo Actress

clients_chander“Thank the Universe for Preston Smiles! Hiring him as my coach has elevated my life in more ways then I can count and has truly brought me forward from a darkness I thought would cripple me personally.  He truly helped me escape some of the locks blocking me in my own mind as his approach, conversation, personality and intelligence are above reproach! For anyone out there seeking assistance whether at rock bottom, seeking something more, or rising toward your personal summit I have 1000% recommend Preston and his services! ” Chander P. Singh, Esq. CEO and President of SC Capital Investors, LLC

glynn“Being Coach by Preston has been truly life transformative. The lessons learnt from his wisdom have helped me better understand myself and the tools and activities He got me to engage in caused me to get out my comfort zone grow in every area of my life. Preston has been a bridge for me to continue to explore my infinite potential and I will forever be deeply grateful for his mentorship and friendship”
Glynn Money, Personal Trainer & Youtube creator 



No matter what you choose, at the end of that 3 months you’ll be equipped and ready to take on anything that comes your way, creating from a deeper level of your consciousness. If you’re committed to living in the fullness of who and what you are and want support from me in doing so, I invite you to say YES to your life!